Siding • Fascia • Soffit

Std Double 4 Siding 




Diamond Home Windows offers superior vinyl construction composed of advanced materials that  stand firm during severe weather conditions. Its durable design ensures long lasting beauty making peeling, warping, and flaking a thing of the past. 

 Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Beauty, value and convenience are just a few reasons to have your house updated with new siding, fascia and soffit from Diamond Home Service. We offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty. 


Siding Features

Our siding is made of durable vinyl construction that won't warp, peel or flake like wood and never needs painting. .040-thick vinyl resists dents and scratches. Built in color resists chipping and fading to ensure long-lasting beauty. Our siding meets or exceeds the requirements in tests supported by the Vinyl Siding Institute, the leading authority in vinyl siding performance testing.

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