Diamond Home Service Protects Your Home With Affordable Shingle and Rubber Roofing. Shingles are easy to apply and offer long lasting protection against wind and rain. They also age well, maintaining their beauty with a minimum of upkeep even after years of exposure to the sun.


Shingle Roofing 


Shingles are the traditional three tab, square butt asphalt design with an organic base. This base is fully saturated with asphalt, then coated with a high-quality waterproof asphalt. Next, the shingle is coated with ceramic granuals for a durable, beautiful finish.


No hand cementing is needed when you apply shingles over a solid wood substrate. A self-sealing thermoplastic adhesive is activated by the heat of the sun to tightly fuse each shingle. This fusing action begins immediatly in warm weather, but may take longer in cooler weather. Each shingle also uses just four nails. Since the shingles are self-adhering, use long enough to secure the shingles to the substrate. We recommend the use of galvanized, large head 10 - 12 gauge barbed shank roofing nails.


Shingle Colors

Shingles are down right good looking and come in a variety of colors to complement the home or building they were built to protect. Each color is developed from a selected blend of ceramic coated mineral granules. This blending process produces subtle tones in the shingle and keeps color uniform even after years of exposure to the sun and weather. 

Rubber Roofing 

Gurantees are available up to 15 years. 
Available in smooth surface and two granual colors: black and white.


Cost Effective
The installed cost of rubber roofing is less then most single-ply roofing systems on today's market.


Installed roofing membrane only weighs less than 2 pounds per square foot.

Specially formulated modified asphalt gives rubber roofing lasting performanc

ubber roofing polyester mat core allows resistence to splits and tears due to it's pliability and elongation characteristics.